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Tuition & Fitness Plan FAQ's

How Do I See My Claim Status Online? Once you are logged into your online account you will be able to see recent claims listed on your summary page. You can also see claim history by selecting Claim History under My Claims menu option. To see additional detail for claim, click on the claim ID #.

I Need To Upload Additional Documentation. Where Do I Do This? Once logged into your online account, click on the claim ID of the claim needing additional information. Once in the claim detail page, click on Add Attachment and follow steps to upload documentation. You can also email supporting documentation and claim form to Sentinel.BenefitsClientCare@sentinelgroup.com. Please be sure to reference claim ID in your email.

I Submitted My Claim Online But I Am Still Being Asked For Claim Form? Your plan requires the claim form/application in addition to your online submission in order to process your claim. The claim form can be found in your online account. Select Forms in the Plan Statements & Forms menu. Once you have completed the required form you may upload to the existing claim or email to Sentinel.BenefitsClientCare@sentinelgroup.com

I Filled Out My Claim Form Electronically But Claim Status Shows Form Incomplete? The claim form can be filled out electronically but requires a signature. Electronic signature is not sufficient for processing. Please be sure all required fields are completed and form is signed. You can resubmit the form by attaching to your online claim or send by email to: Sentinel.BenefitsClientCare@sentinelgroup.com.