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Automatic COBRA payments

You can set up automatic payments for your monthly COBRA premiums that can be pulled from your checking or savings account. If you choose to set up automatic payments, an EFT (electronic funds transfer) will be drafted from your account on the day of your choosing. 

Access your online account here: https://cobrapoint.benaissance.com

Once logged in, choose "Recurring Payments" and enter banking information. You will then have the option to choose the day of the month you wish to have your payment drawn. **Please note, if this is your first payment to activate your COBRA coverage, it is important to know the re-instatement will not begin until the payment is processed. You can choose the next business day and then update the payment date for future months once your initial payment processes. There is no charge from Sentinel to process payments using the recurring payment option. 

If you do need a more expedited initial payment, you can select the "Make Payment" option. This can take payment using a credit or debit card but will incur a $20 convenience charge.