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Can I Roll Funds From My Previous Employer Into My Current Plan?

If your plan allows, you may roll money from a prior employer’s qualified plan or IRA into your current employer’s
plan with Sentinel. If you are unsure whether your current plan allows rollover contributions, check your Summary Plan Description (SPD).

Your rollover (money rolling into your current plan) can be completed through your online retirement account. Follow the steps below to complete your rollover request.

Consolidating your retirement accounts with Sentinel Benefits is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

To consolidate your retirement assets into your Sentinel account, log into your online account to begin the process

1.  Complete the online rollover form

  • Access the form by selecting Plan Statements & Forms and then selecting Forms from the menu.
  • Select the rollover form and click Launch. 
  • Once you have launched the form, follow the steps provided to begin the process. Please note: To complete the online form, you will need to provide information about the account you are looking to rollover into your plan with Sentinel. Once your form is submitted a notification will be sent to your employer to approve the rollover request.

2.  Request a check from your current provider. Once your rollover is approved by your employer (you will be notified by email once approved), inform your current provider that you need to process a direct rollover of your retirement account balance into your qualified retirement account with Sentinel Benefits.

3.  Mail your rollover check to your plan's custodian. Your current custodian may mail the check directly to your existing plan custodian using the instructions provided. If the check is sent to you, you will then need to mail it to your new plan using the delivery instructions provided on your form.

Example of the online rollover form: