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Rebalance - Conform to Target

Show Me How to Rebalance My Current Contributions

To manage your investments or contributions, choose Manage Investments from the Manage My Account menu. From here you can update your future investment elections by selecting Change Elections, you can Move Money which allows you to move specific funds or a portion of a fund into another fund(s), or you can Rebalance your entire account by realigning your fund percentages. 


1. Select Rebalance from Manage Investments menu.

2. Select the type of rebalance you would like to process on your account: Click Make Changes

If you have new target percentages you would like to set your funds to, Conform To Target is the option you will need to select. You can also Conform Ending Balance to reset your fund percentages to match your existing elections, or set up a Recurring Rebalance to have your rebalance occur automatically.

Conform to Target

3. Scroll down the page to see the available funds in your plan. Enter percentages next to the funds you would like assets allocated to. 

**Total must equal 100%. This option will rebalance your entire account to the new target percentages. 

4. Click Next.

5. You can update your election percentages (future money allocation) while processing the new target election. If you want to update your elections to match the new target, select Yes. If you do not want to make changes, select No, then click Next.

6. Proceed through the steps to complete your transaction. Click Submit. You will receive a 6-digit confirmation number to confirm you transaction is complete. 

In most cases, transactions submitted before 4PM will be processed for that business days. Transactions submitted after 4PM will be processed the following business day.