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Requesting Additional Benefits Cards

You can request additional cards by logging into your online account at sentinelgroup.com.  The card request options can be found under the Profile menu within your account.  

Hover over the Accounts Menu and select Banking/Cards from the profile menu.Lost Cards If you have misplaced your cards or they have been stolen you will want to select the 'Report Lost/Stolen' option. This will close existing cards and reissue new cards.

 Additional cards - If you need additional sets of cards, select the 'order replacement' option. This will generate another set of cards to be issued (cards are issued in sets of 2). Additional cards will have the same number, expiration date and PIN as the existing cards on your account.

There is a $5 additional cards fee. This fee will be deducted from the available balance in your account. If there is no available balance in your plan, you will need to wait until there is an available balance to request new cards be issued.

Expiring Cards-  Your benefits card is good for 3 years. When your card is set to expire, a new card will be issued automatically. Your existing card will work through the end of the month in which it is set to expire, or until you activate your new cards.  

***You DO NOT need to order new cards if yours are expiring. As long as you are active in the plan, the card will renew automatically.

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