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Replacing Lost or Stolen Cards

You can report cards lost/stolen by logging into your online account at sentinelgroup.com to request new cards be issued. The card request options can be found under the Profile menu within your account and selecting Banking/Cards menu item.

If you need cards replaced select the 'report lost/stolen' option. This will block your existing card and reissue new cards. If your benefits cards are replaced, please note that you will need to set up a new PIN. The PIN is specific to the card number, so any time cards are issued with a new number, you will need to set up a new PIN. Create your PIN by calling 866-898-9795.

There is a $5 card replacement fee. This fee will be deducted from the available balance in your account. If there is no available balance in your plan, you will need to wait until there is an available balance to request new cards be issued.