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Adding A Beneficiary To Your HSA

You may designate a beneficiary(s) for your Health Savings Account. The designated beneficiary(s) will receive your HSA assets in the event of your death.

Updating your beneficiary information can be done quickly through your online account. Log In Here.

1.  Once you are logged into your online account hover over the Accounts menu at the top of your page. Select Profile Summary from the the menu options.

2.  Once you are in your profile, select Add/Change Beneficiary within the Beneficiaries summary box.

3.  Add/Update any information that is outdated and click Submit.

If you are married in common law or reside in a community property state, you must designate your spouse as your Primary Beneficiary. If you wish to designate someone other than your spouse, then your spouse must consent in writing via the HSA Beneficiary Change Form.