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Dependent Care FSA

A Dependent Care FSA account is generally used to cover expenses for the care of a “qualified dependent” under the age of 13 while the you and your spouse are working or looking for work. 

Additional covered expenses include Elder Care and Caregivers for a disabled spouse or dependent who lives with the participant

Expenses for dependent care are not medical, vision or dental expenses. 

In general, you cannot be reimbursed for expenses that are educational in nature. For instance, expenses for daycare, pre-school and day camps are eligible, while kindergarten, and overnight camps are not.

Dependent Care accounts are funded through payroll deductions. The annual amount elected is available as funds are deposited. Claims can be submitted for up to the full election amount and payments will be made based on available balance. If the claim amount is higher than the amount available, additional payments will be issued as funds are added to the account until the claim is paid in full. 

*Medical, vision, or dental expenses related to your dependents such as spouse or other dependents would be included in a Medical FSA election.