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Reviewing a Denied Claim

If a submitted claim is denied you will receive a notification of denial by email directing you to view the details in your online account

1.  Once you are logged into your online account select Message Center from your Main Account page. There will be an indicator that you have new messages:

2.  Once in the Message Center, click on the notice associated with your claim. Notifications Associated with claims:

  • Request for More Information - Notification will be received when supporting documentation for a Debit Card transaction is provided and additional supporting documentation is required. Additional description and reasons for more information will also be on the letter if necessary. See example here. To upload additional documentation find instructions here.

  • Denial Letter - Letter will explain denial reasons and further action required. See example.

  • First Receipt Request - Notification received after a debit card transaction that requires additional supporting documentation.

  • Overdue Notice - Second notification that additional documentation is required. This notification will be received 2 weeks after the first request is issued.

  • Ineligible Notice - Notification received if:
    • Documentation was received and the item is not eligible for reimbursement. If the item was purchased using the debit card, the card will be suspended and the amount of the charge needs to be repaid to the plan. Please see instructions for repayment.
    • Previous requests for documentation received no response. In this case, the transaction will be deemed ineligible and the debit card will be suspended.