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Setting Up Health Savings Brokerage Account

Some plans offer additional investment options for your HSA through a Brokerage Account through Charles Schwab. This option allows you to select investment options outside of the core investments offered by your plan. This allows for more flexibility and increased diversification of your account.

If your plan has enabled this feature, you can initiate the set up right through your HSA Account online. Follow the steps below to start the enrollment process.

  1. Log into your online account.
  2. In the Accounts Menu Select 'Investment Summary' under Investments OR 'Manage Investments' under I Want To menu:
  3. In the Change Investments screen click Enroll in the Open Brokerage Account option.
  4. You will then be directed to the Charles Schwab website to begin the account enrollment. Please read and acknowledge the disclaimer that you are leaving the HSA account site by clicking Submit.
  5. Once you are in the Schwab website, you will be prompted to enter and confirm you SSN and Accept the terms of the account
  6. Click Open new HSBA and consent to the online application process:
  7. Complete online application and set up account log in through Schwab account.
  8. Once HSBA is established (the application processing takes 2-3 business days), log back into your HSA account through Sentinel and access the Manage Investments page. Click Change Investments
  9. In order to move funds to the brokerage account, select Current Portfolio from the change menu. You can realign the total portfolio to the HSA Brokerage account option. You may also elect to change the transfer type to 'Dollar to Dollar' to move specific amounts to the HSBA. Once changes have been entered, click Submit.
  10. Manage your HSBA Investements by logging into your Schwab account. [Fund transfers to the HSBA from your HSA take 2-3 business days to settle] Once the funds are settled you can link to your HSBA from your Sentinel account. Click Manage Brokerage Account in the Manage Investments menu.

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