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Receipt Request for Benny Card Transactions

Using your Benny Card at the point of sale is an easy and convenient way to utilize your FSA funds. 

When the transaction goes through, it is not always clear what item or service was purchased. This is common when a provider can be used for various types of services/items that may include non-eligible expenses. When this happens, we will send a request for a receipt. 

Don't panic! Submitting your receipt is easy to do through the Mobile App or your online account.

In order for us to determine the item or service is eligible, there is specific detail that is required. Your receipt or Explanation of Benefits (EOB) should include:

  • Date service was rendered (Medical FSA claims are based on date of service, not date of payment, with the exception of orthodontia which is based on payment date)
  • Description of service or item
  • Name of provider of service
  • Name of person receiving the service
  • Total out-of-pocket cost

Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from insurance provider will have all of the needed information above. If you do not have your EOB you may also provide receipt directly from provider.

Important Note - A credit card payment receipt is not sufficient documentation as it does not provide details on the service date. (exception: Pharmacy receipt for Rx purchase is acceptable)

If you are unable to provide a receipt and/or the item or service is determined to be ineligible, repayment of the transaction amount will be required.

Not sure if your receipt is sufficient or still have questions? Contact Us for additional information.