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Wellness Reimbursement Plan - General Info

The Fitness Reimbursement Program pays you back for many of the most common health and fitness services and activities, such as gym memberships, personal trainers, sports classes, and more. Keep in mind that this program is not a pre-tax benefit account; it’s a reimbursement program funded entirely by your employer to help you save money and stay healthy. Your employer determines your annual fitness reimbursement limit. Please ask your employer how much you’re eligible to receive under your specific program.

Your employer determines which expenses are eligible for reimbursement. Typical expenses include:

  • Traditional Full Service Gym
  • Specialty Gyms - Rock Climbing, Boxing, Cross Fit, etc
  • Fitness Activities - Aerobics, Yoga, Swimming, Pilates, Fitness Training, Indoor Cycling, Martial Arts, Fitness Boot Camp, etc.