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Conform Ending Balance

Show Me How to Realign to New Elections

To manage your investments or contributions, choose Manage Investments from the Manage My Account menu. From here you can update your future investment elections by selecting Change Elections, you can Move Money which allows you to move specific funds or a portion of a fund into another fund(s), or you can Rebalance your entire account by realigning your fund percentatges. 

Rebalance - 

1.  Select Rebalance from Manage Investments menu.

2.  Select the type of rebalance you would like to process on your account: Click Make Changes

If you would like to reset your account balance back to the elections on file, Conform Ending Balance is the option you will need to select. You can also Conform to Target to update your fund elections to new percentages, or set up a Recurring Rebalance to have your rebalance occur automatically.

Conform Ending Balance -

3. Scroll down to see the Current Balance Mix of your account as well as the New Balance Mix. The New Balance Mix will represent your current allocation percentages and by selecting next you will initiate a rebalance to those elections already on file. Please note - you will not make any election changes during this transaction. 

4. Click next and follow the steps to complete the transaction. Once you submit the request you will receive a 6-digit confirmation number letting you know you have completed the transaction.