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  4. Opting Out Of Your Retirement Plan

    What you need to know  Employers can automatically enroll employees in a plan, such as a 401(k) or 403(b), and place contributions deducted from employees’ paychecks into certain predetermined investments, unless the employees decide oth...
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  6. Mobile Benny Card Payments

    The Benny Card is now available to add to your mobile wallet!  Using your mobile wallet is a convenient way to store your Benny Card details right on your smartphone so you always have the ability to make a purchase at the point of sale even if...
  7. How soon after a change is requested online is it reflected on my account?

    When an online transaction is requested on a participant's account, whether via the participant website, plan sponsor website, or through our Service Center, often you will see it in "pending" status for a period of time. This status w...
  8. What Tax Form Will I Receive For My FSA?

    The funds in your Medical and Dependent Care FSA are deposited pre-tax and the amount is deducted from your Annual Gross Income. This will be represented on the W-2 you receive from your Employer for tax reporting. There are no additional tax forms...
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