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Mobile Benefits Card Payments

The benefits card is available to add to your mobile wallet!  Using your mobile wallet is a convenient way to store your benefits card details right on your smartphone so you always have the ability to make a purchase at the point of sale even if you forgot your card at home.

Mobile Payments supports the following mobile wallets:

• Apple Pay

• Samsung Pay

• Google Pay

Adding Mobile Payments to a Smartphone:

Each mobile wallet app has a slightly different process. The general process a consumer would follow to add a card to Google Pay (G Pay) is described below as an example.

1.  Sign into G Pay and click Add a Card.

2.  Enter the card information and agree to the Issuer Terms and Conditions.


3.  Choose how to receive a one-time passcode to verify the card information and enter the verification code. If there is no email address or mobile phone number listed in WEX Health Cloud, a phone number displays for the consumer to call and verify the card information

4.  Enable NFC (near-field communication).

How to Use Mobile Payments:

WEX Health Cloud Mobile Payments uses near-field communications (NFC) to make a payment. Simply tap or hold your smartphone on or near the payment terminal at the point of sale. The payment terminal reads the NFC chip in the smartphone. You should see a check mark appear to indicate the purchase is complete.

Note: When a WEX Health Cloud Mobile Payment is complete, it becomes a debit card transaction in your account and can be seen under Claims in your Online Account


Whenever Mobile Payments is added or removed from your Mobile Wallet, you will receive an email notification informing you that your card was added to a mobile wallet.

When Mobile Payments are updated you will see the notification on your account Home Page under Tasks: Click View More to see the details of the notification.

You can also find the notification in the Message Center of your online account

*If you did not authorize this action, please report your card lost/stolen or Contact Us