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Paying Off My Loan Early

Paying off your loan or making a one-time partial payment* is simple and can be initiated online.

Log into your online account to begin the process. 

1.  Complete the online loan payoff form

  • Access the form by selecting Plan Statements & Forms and then selecting Forms from the menu.
  • Select the Loan Payoff Request form and click Get Results
  • Once you have launched the form, click on the loan you wish to payoff.

Note: If you have multiple outstanding loans you will need to initiate the process for each loan individually. 

2.  Complete and Submit online form:  You will be required to fill out your personal information as well as the payment type election. (You may make a full or partial loan payment*). Once all required fields are completed, submit form. You will receive an email confirmation of your submission which will include paying instructions.

3.  Mail your loan payoff check to your plan's custodian. Send your personal check using the paying instructions provided on the form. 

Note: Money orders are not accepted.

* Partial loan payments can only be made by active employees