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Automatic Contribution Increase

Show Me How to Schedule a Contribution Increase

If permitted by your plan, you can elect to automatically increase your contribution rate. From your Dashboard, choose "Change Contribution Rate" from the Contribution Rate tile:

Next, choose the option to edit your contribution rate. Ensure that the toggle within the Auto Increase Contribution Rate section is set to "On". Your plan's default settings will be displayed, but you can choose to modify both the annual percentage increase as well as the maximum contribution rate. The frequency and date of the increase cannot be modified (most common is yearly on 1/1). If you want to make a contribution rate change but do not want to automatically increase your contribution rate, be sure to set the toggle to "Off".

For example, if you chose to change the "Set maximum contributions rate for Pre-Tax" value above to 15%, your pre-tax deferral rate would increase by 1% each year on January 1st until it reached 15%.

If you would like to review, cancel, or change your auto-increase setup once you have enabled it, simply click the button on your Contribution Rate tile: