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Logging Into Your FSA Account

To access your reimbursement account:

  1. Visit sentinelgroup.com and select “I am an Individual” 
  2. From the login box dropdown menu, select “FSA, HSA, HRA, Commuter Accounts” 
  3. Enter your Username and Password. 
    1. If you cannot recall your credentials, please select Forgot Username and follow the steps to access your account. 
    2. If you are a new user, select Create your username and password option on the right side of the page.
      • Your username may contain alphanumeric characters and include the following special characters: period (.), at sign (@), underscore (_), and dash (-).  [There is no character limit for username]
      • Passwords should be between 6 (min) - 20 (max) characters. Requires mixed case and at least one number.