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fly! (Financial Literacy for You)

fly! (Financial Literacy for You) is Sentinel's proprietary financial wellness program that helps make goals become reality. We focus on creating awareness, increasing engagement, and providing the tools necessary to change your financial behaviors. It's time to fly!


Finances & your workplace

Today, most people get the majority of their financial needs taken care of at their jobs, where not only do they earn their paychecks, but they also get their insurance, their retirement savings, and more. It's no wonder we look to our employers for so much more than benefits; the complex decisions we must make every year during open enrollment are no longer questions or decisions simply about their benefit offerings, but rather larger financial planning concerns. Bridging this gap is the purpose and goal of fly!.

Success is active, not passive

We’re all creatures of habit. And bad habits are hard to break. fly! was made to help you understand how to move forward and accomplish your goals. A reality with no debt, a working budget, an emergency fund and retirement savings may seem out of reach for many people, but it’s absolutely possible—and fly! can help you get there.

Many wellness offerings are passive opportunities to access educational resources. That’s not enough. fly! is outcomes-oriented and is the easiest way for you to learn how to manage personal finances in order to secure your future.


Not a one-size fits all solution

What does financial wellness mean to you?

Is it getting a handle on your personal budget, paying off debt, or saving for your future? Everyone's goals look a bit different but one thing is true: money is the #1 stressor for many Americans.*

*Data from American Psychological Association

Our multi-channel approach helps you take control of today's finances and prepare for tomorrow: 


Our expansive and evolving curation of digital resources focuses on all aspects of a person's financial life and enables you to self-help. 


In-person or virtual group education presentations are offered on important topics people have requested and want to learn more about for themselves and their families.


Financial coaching can help you get financially “unstuck.” Online interactions alone do not prove as effective in changing behaviors as multiple interactions with a financial coach.